Friday, June 20, 2008



Domingo Rojas came to the Philippines on a boat from Canton, China (according to Teofilo Rojas, son of Modesto Rojas ) when he was still a young boy. He had nine siblings and they came here because there was much grief and strife in China then. Domingo's original surname was Go Pao and he took on the Spanish surname of his godfather,Rojas, when he was baptized into Catholicism. Domingo's family brought their wealth ,mostly gold, here with them . It must have been around the mid to late 19th century when young Domingo arrived in the Philippines and his first stop was Silang. Ka Pilo (Teofilo Rojas) told me more than 12 years ago that there were 2 gentlemen with caps and queues who accompanied him here. Who they were, Ka Pilo didn't also know.


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