Saturday, July 5, 2008

Capitana Vicenta


CERTAIN scientists have advanced the suggestion that a matriarchal form of society formerly existed in the Philippines. The strongest argument in favor of this contention seems to be the Filipina woman's superiority over the man in the financial affairs of the family. The average male American thinks his womenfolk are well treated if he makes them a fixed allowance and pays on his own account the monthly bills for rent, groceries, heat, light, water, etc. Occasionally the lady of the house will have a checking account and settle monthly the ordinary household expenses, but the number and variety of jokes one reads in the funny papers, illustrating woman's inability to keep a record of her income and outlay, illustrate the man's opinion of woman's efficiency in financial matters. In the average Filipino family, however, the woman is supreme in money matters. If the man of the house draws a salary, he is expected to turn it over to his spouse intact or nearly so on the evening of each payday.


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