Saturday, July 5, 2008

Principle Versus Policy

Author of "Capitan Baltazar"

CAPITAN BALTAZAR was fond of repeating the story of the old Spaniard who was crossing a deep ravine on a rotten log. THE SPANIARD AND GOD AND THE DEVIL The Spaniard, according to the tale, was half way across before he realized how precarious was his support. He hesitated. There was no room to turn around and go back, and he reasoned correctly that to proceed would be no more dangerous than to retrace his steps. He thought of death and from thinking of death, although he was not religiously inclined, he recalled his Maker. Instinctively he voiced his thoughts, "El Dios es bueno" (God is good), and stepping carefully, holding his breath, he advanced toward the other side. Another thought struck him. Perhaps the devil would resent his calling on the Lord, and, with a view toward forestalling any act of revenge from the arch fiend he exhaled, "El Demonio no es malo" (The devil is not bad).


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